The SwissChamp XAVT: 80 essential functions packed into one tool

If MacGuyver used Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT, he might have been more famous!


Swiss Army Knives was well known from long before MacGuyver used it.  When we were kids, we believed anything could be accomplished if I had a Swiss Army Knife.

Yeah, that’s the boon of a Swiss Army Knife; it’s multi-tasking. But the great SwissChamp XAVT Swiss Army Knife is more functional beyond your imagination and expectation as it packed 80 essential tools into one awesome flip top presentation box. Just open the box and be amazed!


Why You Need The XAVT Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army knife is a great tool to carry with for its usefulness. But leaving this monster pocket toolkit at home when you’re going somewhere on foot or just jogging to lose some extra weight will be a good idea. However, I never forget to take it when I pack my stuff for going on an adventure in mountain or jungle as this multi-tool can do nearly anything. The XAVT Swiss Army Knife has featured 80 tools and become my favorite one from the day I bought it.


To be honest, I don’t keep it for security purpose; I use it for its multi-features and practicality. You can assume that you have a pretty nice collection of Swiss Army Knives. You are wrong! All you have can be entirely unuseful as they may get down to practicality for their limited features. If you consider the balance between functional handling and abundance of features it’s going to be clear that The XAVT Swiss Army Knife has no alternative.


The XAVT Swiss Army Knife was designed for general use or specific purposes e.g. setting up a tent or fixing something. It was made to be functional and reliable in any kind of situation.


The XAVT Swiss Army Knife is widely used by hunters, outdoorsmen and in everyday situations for its ultimate functionality and utility as it includes various knife blades, pliers, wire cutters, a saw, a corkscrew, a fish scaler, a bottle opener and much more.


What It Can Do

With 80 separate tools, the SwissChamp XAVT became the “all-doer” type tool. When you are on a picnic or having some outdoor fun, you may need to open a can, to scrape away something, to open the back of your watch, to make a hole, to open a locked door, to cleave something from something, to cut a branch and to do many more this SwissChamp XAVT can be the best tool.


Why SwissChamp XAVT Is The Best

This big bad boy Swiss Army Knife is really great. It is the largest Swiss Army Knife ever made by Victorinox. More than 500 different operations can be accomplished with a single knife.


This knife has some interesting features such as White LED Light Module, Toothpick, Straight Pin, Ball Point Ink Pen, Tweezers, Digital Altimeter & Thermometer, Digital Barometer, Digital Clock / Alarm / Timer etc.


I think the SwissChamp XAVT is cool and useful enough to make you happy. You may not be a superman, but it can help you be multi-tasking.

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