Science Fiction Becomes Reality: Bastron Transparent Touch Glass Keyboard with Mouse and Gesture Function

I’m a great fan of Hollywood science fiction movies though I’m realistic and never thought watching Star Trek that the entire cool tech was real. In a Hollywood sci-fi movie, we often see the virtual transparent screen; people are doing all kind of computing jobs on that virtual display. All those were science fictions, and they were just imagination of some hybrid writers.

But now, in 2016, we’re in the third stage of technological development. We all have transparent glass touch-control gadget, for instance, smartphones and tablet computers. That fictional science has been becoming a reality in our lives.


“Key-less” science fictional transparent glass keyboard is no more an imaginary gadget! A company called Bastron, a Chinese technology company that makes smart devices, has introduced the coolest keyboard ever: Transparent Touch Keyboard.

Two in One: keyboard mode and mouse mode

It has two modes; touch mode, and single gesture mode. While gesture mode is turned on, you can use the keyboard as a mouse like you use your smartphone or tab, but with 14 gesture commands. If you need to switch, you can use one finger to press on Capslock key, while use the other 4 fingers to slide up or down. If blue backlight lights up, mainly it is switched to keyboard mode. If blue backlight lights down, it is switched to single gesture mode.


High-end & Gift-quality Packaging

I’m quite sure that you are gonna be incredibly impressed with the quality of the packaging. The box and its interior packaging are gorgeous. It has gift-quality and absolutely stunning look. Have a look at the images I’ve posted. Am I wrong?

Blue LED Backlight with Gesture Control

This classy looking keyboard has a very pleasing cool Blue LED screen backlight against a stylish metal frame. A blue light will illuminate the keys when you plug it in. It looks really cool in the dark. It will be a little dim when you are not working, but the light gets brighter for a while so you can see the keys as soon as you touch the glass. My girlfriend, Lynda, believes it’s a keyboard of the future which is available today.


Waterproof Surface

The keyboard’s surface is waterproof. That means you can use it wherever you want and if it gets dirty, just wash it using water to disinfect. This feature lets you have a keyboard without bacteria no matter what your profession is.

What in The Box

# Keyboard x1

# USB cable x 1

# Cleanroom wiper x1

# Manual & Gesture guide x 2



They provide a 1-year warranty. If the product is flawed and you don’t wanna keep it, you have to notify the authority within 3 days of delivery and return everything in their original condition. The buyer will be responsible for all the shipping cost incurred as per their official rules. So make sure whether you need it or not before you place an order.


What now?

I’m sure you want this. The bad news is, unfortunately there’s no way to purchase it directly from the company, and you have to buy it from Amazon. It’s not very expensive; just 100+ bucks and I think it’s worth it.

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