Optimus Popularis Keyboard

Nowadays, a keyboard is the most used stuff for us. From morning till midnight we use it hundred times. We can’t think of a day without a keyboard. If now your keyboard stops working, what will you do? Like others, you will go to the nearest computer shop to buy a keyboard from hundreds of models by several companies. The question is which one will you buy? If we offer you a keyboard containing graphical and programmable keys which is more glamorous and will give more comfort than others, it sounds insane, right?

Art Lebedev, a Russian design studio has released such keyboard where the keys are decent to display images, animations and file icons. Users can make up the keys as they opt. It supports different input languages as well. Isn’t it interesting? Let’s know in detail.

What is OPT?

Optimus Popularis Keyboard is the latest released keyboard by Art Lebedev after their mostly sold Optimus Maximus Keyboard. The developer company is renowned for its unique design concepts and upgraded technology. The keyboard is being used worldwide by the people who love exceptions in daily works.


Comparing other keyboards, it’s quite different in design. It is a compact keyboard which measures about 11.5” in length, 7.3” in width and 0.74” in height. There are 77 keys on the board. Each key feature a resolution of 72×72 pixels and the frame rate is a minimum of 10 frames per second. There are LCD lights in each key. It helps you to type even in a dark room. There is a display bar beneath the first row of the keyboard. All of these things are set in a black body which is formed of aluminum and plastic. A white frame on all direction of the body makes it looking more attractive.

How It Works?

The Popularis works through the Optimus Popularis configurator. You can set the display of each key by image, text or widgets. The keyboard utilizes two types of plugins. Display plugins display images or widgets on keys. Action plugins run the action on key pressing. You can change the font-style or size of the keys and the background color of the keyboard clicking multiple keys or dragging on the layout displayed in the configurator.

Other Features

It works on Windows (XP or later) and Mac OS (10.8 or later). It supports multiple languages, layouts, and symbols. As like Arabic, Ancient Greek, Georgian, Cyrillic, music notes, numerals, codes, special symbols and many more. It connects over USB. It has a long additional power cable which helps to run advanced functions.

Last Words

There are a lot of choices out there. Different brands have different products. Optimus Popularis Keyboard is one of those technological inventions which can show us the future of those products. It has taken out the keyboard technology to a new level. It is much expensive than others. But it may give you a different experience. Your fingers may go through a graphical orb and make your job done in the easiest way.

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