Military Drop-tested UAG MacBook Pro Case

If you want your favorite MacBook to look like a new one after one year of use, you should keep reading to the end.

Urban Armor Gear MacBook Pro Case is the best MacBook cover I have used. UAG provides some of the best cases you can get keep safe your devices. I was very excited to see that they also provide one for the MacBook air now. This is the MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina Display review.


Why I like It

So let me tell you why I love about this case so much. One is extremely durable, and it still leaves the thin profile. The materials of the case look awesome. This is like a leather material and feels splendid. It has got great corner reinforcement and the outer rim just adds an extra layer of protection.

I like the bottom side because it has grills so that it breathes really nice. On the bottom, you got the rubber stopper, so it doesn’t move around on a desktop.


Have a Problem

But while the case is closed you’re not gonna be able to access much of your ports. Your power port, headphone jack, SD card slot on the flipside will be fully covered. Though you do have some cutouts for microphones, you still have access to your power port.

Still So Many Good Sides

Another neat thing about this what gives your MacBook more protection is, we’ve got a lot of lip that’s going to help protect against many kinds of drops.


It corners help raise it up above the surface. The thing that’s good about that is it helps give some more breathing, some more air and the famous still going while you have a live shot. It’s going to be able to move that air in and out a lot better compared to if it was flat on the surface.

So open it up. Once you open it up, you got full access to all of your ports. The covers are on the lid part (and not the bottom part). So a USE connection, headphone jack and all that kind of stuff you have at the left side is now accessible. The same goes with the other side, with those other ports, the SD cards, another USB port and then your display connection.


From the front angle, you can see that it doesn’t add much bulk at all. I mean it’s really not that much more than a typical Snap-On case that many MacBook has. On the monitor side, it remains a slim profile.


My Final Verdict

Overall, I really like the UAG MacBook Pro Case. The protection it offers is well worth the bucks it costs. It will protect your fancy laptop still it looks nice. You no longer have to worry when it gets knocked around while you are on the go. The good-looking Urban Armor Gear case for the MacBook Pro 13 Inch is arguably the best case on the market.

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