KeySmart Compact Key Holder Review

No one on the earth hasn’t got any key! We all have lots of keys. It’s better not to count how many you have got! But most of us can’t keep their keys organized. Today, we are gonna take a look at the everyday key carry solution, the KeySmart Compact Key Holder.

Why I Think the KeySmart is the Best

The KeySmart organizes your keys. If you want to make them look tidy, the Keysmart help while also being the cheapest product in its category on the market right now.

The KeySmart solved my problem, and now my keys are organized. They’re not rubbing against anything in my pocket anymore. Even though it is tiny, it does its job very well.

Every Problem Comes With a Solution

The standard KeySmart can hold 2-4 average sized keys. But don’t worry! You can accessorize it with the bundle the company offers.

They offer:

  1. Includes Expansion Pack (up to 14 keys)
  2. Quick Disconnect or Bottle Opener
  3. 8GB USB Drive

So now you can fit up to 14 keys on one KeySmart as well as add a USB drive and a quick disconnect or bottle opener.


KeySmart Has Already Proved Its Quality

Another reason why I love it is, it looks something like a small dog bone. KeySmart was launched in early 2013, and it became one most favorite products ever inducted in this category.  I think you have already understood why.

The Founder Showed His Creativity

Michael Tony, the founder of the company, said in a video that, in 2013, they planned to eliminate the noise and trouble of traditional key rings while they are in your pocket and improve their functionality as well. To make this dream happen, they teamed up with Swiss screw maker and made a thinner and the key ring, KeySmart, what looks like an army knife. It is made from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel to keep it ultra-lightweight and look ultra-modern. It wouldn’t be possible if they were not committed to producing a quality product. Its factory in Chicago and it doesn’t want to defame the United States’s name by providing something worse. It fits into any pocket and works with any flat key. The standard KeySmart key holder keeps your keys quiet and your pockets free of clutter.

Pros & Cons


# Made from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel

# Well-made and smartly designed

# Easy to use and assemble

# Easily expandable

# Compact and lightweight

# Has loop ring to attach car fob & other accessories

# Made is the USA


# I haven’t found anything so far!

One last thing…

The KeySmart is an amazing key holder, and easy to assemble and use. All other key holders are inferior to it. You will certainly feel more comfortable to have it with you. Don’t be late to check the price on Amazon and hit the buy button to possess a fantastic key holder.

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