How To Write Amazon Product Reviews For Affiliate Websites

A lot of us struggle when it comes to content creation for a website. Today I’m going to share some major topics that you can do while you’re writing articles for a niche website that you will monetize by Amazon Associates.

So, first you need to figure out why people actually need to go through a niche website to buy a product. I mean they can just go to Amazon and read the reviews and find out the best product.

The answer is simple.

People want details, but they want details in an organized way. They just don’t need each and every details out there. They need some specific one, the one that will actually help them decide whether the product is good for them or not.

And that’s where we come in. Yes, we, the marketers.

So all the people who roam around in the internet, they are always seeking some information. When they are in a buying mood, they seek out more. We have to deliver that exact information they are looking for.

With our content we have to do couple of things

We have to enlighten them with full knowledge of the products.

We need to show them all the features of the products.

We need to show them the upsides, as well as downside.

We need to show them the usage of the products.

We need to point out correctly any fault the product has, only then we will be truly helping them.

We just need to show them A – Z features.

So how will the whole process work?

It’s actually quite simple. Everything can be broken into pieces. When you are going to write an article, you just need to break the whole article down.

Suppose, your product is Hoverboard. You are going to write an article about Swagway Hoverboard. The title you decided is “Swagway Hoverboard Review”.

And you’ve decided that you will write about 1000 words about “Swagway Hoverboard Review”.

1000 words seem like a lot of words. So what you need to do is simply break that 1000 words into small portions.

Let me clear that up with an example

(1) Introduction of hoverboard – 100 words

(2) This hoverboard is designed for whom – 100 words

(3) Important feature of hoverboard 1 – 150 words

(4) Important feature of hoverboard 2 – 150 words

(5) Important feature of hoverboard 3 – 150 words

(6) Pros of hoverboard – 150 words

(7) Cons of hoverboard – 150 words

(8) Verdict – 50 words

So that’s a total of 1000 words. You need to tackle these 8 portions one by one.

How you are going to do that you may ask? Well for that you have to do a thorough research on that product.

In this section I’m going to share couple of ways that you can use to research about your product.

Research Of Product

(1) First you need to go through all the reviews that your product has on Amazon.

(2) You need to go through all the review on other ecommerce site as well. You can check in Walmart, EBay, Alibaba, Bestbuy, Target etc.

(3) You need to go through some YouTube videos that is related to your product. You can get a lot of resources from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion.

(4) You can also get some information from Google.

(5) You can also get some useful information from Facebook groups / pages that’s based on Hoverboard.

Now that you’ve cleared up your research you know a lot of things about hoverboard and you can easily write an article.

What if I told you that you can spice it up by organizing all the information? Surprised???

Don’t be, because what I’m about to tell you will change your perspective about article writing.
I’ll be sharing that as well, but in my next post.

Till then, Stay Awesome

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