How I Got Rejected And Re-Applied For Amazon Associates

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When I first got to know about Amazon Associates Program, to be honest, I was very excited. I mean I just couldn’t believe the fact that I can have a website, and make people go to Amazon and actually make money online.

So I thought of doing some research on it. And when I searched online I got a lot of resources. I mean if people actually want to learn the ins and out of Amazon Associates then there’s a lot of resources out there which can be used. But I wasn’t very patient. What I simply did was just got a raw idea of how these things work and jump into the world of Amazon Associates by opening my very first Associate Account. So what I basically did was

Day 1: Did some keyword research

Day 2: Bought domain and hosting

Day 3: Designed the whole website

Day 4: Wrote 5 articles myself and of course they were terrible

Day 5: Applied for Amazon Associate Program

Day 6: Got the product links from Amazon, and added them on my website

Day 7: Opened a completely new youtube channel, made some videos and in the description put those product links as well

Day 8: Rest day

Day 9: Got my 1st sell from Amazon that apparently came from those YouTube videos (Not my website, because come on my website was only 8 days old, it didn’t have any traffic other than me)

Day 10: Amazon Associate informed me that the products been delivered to the people

Day 11: I was happy because I just made 8.7 $ from Amazon

Day 12: Happily I was trying to Log-in to Amazon Associate Dashboard but I couldn’t. Then I checked my email and I found out that Amazon reviewed my website again and didn’t give me a permanent approval and thus I’m no longer eligible to use the Amazon Associate account that I was given earlier.


Dreams crushed??? Yes, it did. And frankly speaking I was so sad that day I couldn’t do anything else clearly. So for those who don’t know, Amazon gives a temporary approval to you when you first apply to their Associate Program. Then when you get your first sale and got the items shipped Amazon will do a manual review and then Amazon will give you permanent approval, which I didn’t get. But the good thing is unless you’re banned from Amazon you can re-apply with the same email address that you used before again.

But as I was saying, I was sad. I didn’t know what to do. I got myself a cup of coffee and began thinking is it the end of Amazon for me? Then I said to myself that I did things too fast, I’m going to re-apply but this time I’ll work hard. So I made a plan.

Now I will tell you the things you should do if you want to jump into this business. Never be impatient. I was impatient and look what it got me into. Instead take your time and learn the things fast. Luckily I had a mentor in my country who’s doing an amazing job in this field. He’s none other than Al-Amin Kabir. And he’s blog “Marketever” is one of the most resourceful blog out there. I finished the whole blog and I was looking for more. After Marketever I got to know about and it was more than something someone actually needs. There was two public niche project at that moment and one authority site project. I read them all and not only I read those projects but I also took note of things I didn’t understand. So after reading them I got some ideas of how the whole things work. It was really amazing learning those things and I’d like to thank them for making such resources for the world.

There’s a lot of things to do when you’re stepping in this business. There’s keyword research, product analysis, brandable domain, top notch hosting purchase, building the website with quality articles / contents, doing on page optimization, marketing and so on. So now that you have everything cleared up you can actually start the process. This is a business and there’s no guarantee that you will going to make a single dime, but if you know the whole process clearly then you sure can minimize the loss in your project and hope to make some money one day.

So now that you know everything I will discuss about the things you shouldn’t do before applying to Amazon Associates.

  • Have your website quality content and the amount should be more than 10 articles. Make sure they are worth something. You always have to give your reader the value. Think like this, one reader is visiting your website. He’s actually spending his precious time in your website. So if he doesn’t find any value in your content then he will just going to leave the site and move on to another. You should never apply for Amazon Associate if you don’t have enough quality content to offer.
  • Don’t just open a website and apply for Amazon Associate program. Amazon is a brand now, you can’t just mess with it. I’ve seen people getting disapproved for not having enough visitors in their website. So make sure you have enough visitors in your website before you apply for the Associate Program.
  • Don’t put product links on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook pages unless you have a verified one. I put links on YouTube channel when I first applied for it. And as I’ve mentioned earlier it was a new channel so Amazon stated in my email also that they don’t allow non-verified social media pages / channels. So there you go, you can’t do that. You can drive traffic from them but you can’t put Amazon links unless you have a huge followers list.
  • Don’t put on irrelevant links. Suppose you made a review on a mountain bike, then put that mountain bikes link. Don’t put any products link that doesn’t go with your content.


So these were the lessons I learned along with a lot of things. Now I will share what I actually did after getting rejected. I deleted all the articles that I wrote initially, and I hired a writer. A native USA writer. I didn’t have a lot of budget that time so I invested around 150$ on content. In 150$ I got one homepage article of 3000 words. And 15 review articles that was about 700+ words. So that’s a total of around 15,000 words. That’s not very expensive. And I got a very good native USA writer who alone did all the work. So I was quite happy with my content.

I published the contents in my websites (Not all at a time). And redecorate the site. Got some infographics, designed the favicon, logo etc. I’m quite good with Photoshop so there’s no extra cost there. I already had my hosting set up in Namecheap which is quite good if you’re someone who’s just starting.

So the website was up and daily 10+ visitors were coming at that time. Eventually I did all the On-page SEO and did some Off-Page SEO as well. I was very serious this time and I took about 2 month to do this things properly.

So after getting rejected from Amazon I took 2 months and made the website ready again. After 2 months I re-applied with the same email address. And within a week I again got my 1st sale (Well actually 2nd 1st sale if you know what I mean). Well Amazon shipped the items, and eventually reviewed my website again. But this time was different, because next fine morning I got the email from Amazon that my website’s been permanently approved.

So the thing is work for it. It will be worth it. When you’re dealing with Amazon you can’t just make a website and hope to make money with it. You have to put your effort, your time. My 1st website was a niche site.  I’ll give some more updates on this site in the upcoming weeks.

Tell me whether this article helped you or wasted 10 minutes of your life. Also if you have any question you can simply drop that down below. Till next time, be awesome.

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