Honeywell Indoor Portable Air Cooler with Remote Control

During hot summer, it’s important to keep your room environment cool. Not only for your comfort but also it’s necessary to keep your health sound. Evaporative air cooler can be a good friend of you to make your place pleasant. If the cooler offers you mobility, you shouldn’t have to think about the other rooms in your home. Honeywell CS10XE 21 Pt. Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler provides your atmosphere the best way to keep itself cool and comfortable. Since it is portable, wherever you are you are at the coolest place in your home. Before buying an air cooler, you should take a look at this remote controlled evaporative air cooler. As I guess, it might be your best choice.


This cooling machine has some amazing characteristics that can blow your mind. It is a remote controlled device. So you can command it from any corner of your room. It has two modes. Evaporative cooling mode and fan only mode. You can choose any of them depending on your needs. There is a water tank in it capable of containing 10 liters of water. You can pour water in it easily. When the tank is going empty, its low alarming system will help you to know. As if, you can fill it up again.

How it works

It operates in an entirely natural way. It uses water to deliver you cooler air. From the water tank, it pours water over a cooling pad residing inside it. When the hot air comes in a touch of the pad, it exploits the heat and serves chilled air. An influential fan routes the air into a 175 sq. ft. room. It makes an air cycle which confirms the entrance of fresh air. And to do all of this it uses a tiny amount of power. It’s capable of saving up to 83% of your electric bill.


This 18.5 pounds machine has a unique design. There is a LED display on the upper portion of it. It shows the current temperature and the cooling mode. It measures 15.7” in length, 13.5” in width and 31.5” in height. The silver-gray finish makes it more attractive.


Every electronic device has some maintenance rules. It’s very easy to keep up your Honeywell Portable Evaporated Air Cooler. You can quickly remove several parts of the machine. The cooling pad strains the dust from the air. That’s why you need to clean up the pad regularly. And it’s too easy to be done. Just open the Honeywell pad and wash it out. Whereas it’s a lite device, you can roll it to any place effortlessly.


An evaporated air cooler does not use refrigerant gas or compressor. It doesn’t cool to the same degree as a refrigerated air cooler does, but its other features make it smarter than that. Besides, it’s not much expensive. At a lower budget, you can get the most efficient and most stylish evaporated air cooler. Summer is coming. May the Honeywell CS10XE 21 Pt. Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler make your time expedite! Good wishes.

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