Hi-Call Glove: Speak Into Your Hand to Make a Call

Why every government spends a significant amount of money on the science projects? Why we all look forward to next invention?

The only reason is science makes our life easier.

Can you imagine how terrible were those days when one had to wait couple of weeks to get a mail?! Now we all have phones, to be more specific “smartphones”, in our pocket. You have the Internet. Just press (or touch) some buttons, it takes you seconds to get one over the phone or send an email or something else. How fast we are!

One of the Most Beneficial Inventions

But we still have some problem. Winter is approaching. If you are a touchscreen owner like me, you are gonna face a dilemma in this season. If you are at home, you may have a central heating system. But when you are going somewhere, using handset without freezing is just a dream.

An Italian firm has come to the rescue us. It made a pair of gloves with that you can receive a call and talk. I think the glove with a built-in mic and speaker that lets me leave my handset in my pocket and speak into my hand to make a call is one of the most advantageous inventions I have ever got benefit from.

How It works

A speaker is sewn into the thumb and microphone is sewn into the little finger of the left glove. And the fingertips have a special thread so that touchscreen can be used without taking off the gloves.

The glove has a built-in rechargeable battery, and it can be recharged through the included microUSB cable. Battery lasts up to 20 hours.


Its pairing process is similar to the method on a traditional headset. There are three buttons on the top of the left glove. The blue one is for pairing your phone, the green one is to receive phone calls, and the read one is to end a call. But unfortunately, there is no option of turning up or down the handset volume. So you may face some trouble hearing voices while you are at a noisy place.

You May Have these Questions

  1. Do the mic and speaker affect fingers?

Ans. Never. They are as much comfortable as any knitted glove.


  1. What size are the gloves?

Ans. You can order in different sizes.


  1. Where are these made?

Ans.  They are made in China by professional engineers.


What in The Box

# Hi-Call Glove

# Charging cable

# User manual


Final Verdict

You can use the Hi-Call Glove everywhere no matter what you are doing. You can use it when you are playing sports, sitting on a bus or train, walking on pavement, hanging out with friends, even when you are skiing. If you don’t want to get cold or lose your favorite smartphone, this Hi-Call Glove can help you. Don’t be late to make up your mind; grab one before running out!

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