Getting Targeted Traffic From Facebook For Amazon Niche Website

Facebook is a great website. I spend a significant amount of time in this website. But the more I browse this website the more I get astonished. Facebook is such a great place to find tons of things about your business that you can’t do anywhere else.

When I started building my first niche website I was thinking how to get relevant and high quality back-links. Then I got this thing in my mind which I applied using Facebook and I got very good result.

In order to make a high quality website, you need to provide high quality articles / contents. In one word you need to provide value to your readers.

Google wants quality content. The content that will actually help readers getting some value. Well, so how can we give our readers value and also get a good back link?

The answer is simple, by simply solving their problems. Also we need to deliver that solution to them.


So now you may ask how on earth we are going to solve someone’s problem. We don’t even know what their problem is. Well the problem part is pretty easy.

That’s where Facebook comes, to help you. You can also go to different forums / related websites.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose you have a niche website on power bank. You have reviews of different types of power banks in your website. So what you can do is you can simply check on the power bank company you’re promoting. You can just go to Amazon and you can get the name of the company.

Then you simply need to search those company in Facebook. They will obviously have a Facebook page. You can join their official page and you need to see what people are discussing on that page.

In Facebook page people discuss about all the things. What they like, what they don’t like. You can get a lot of user experiences from this Facebook pages. And in companies official page people do one thing all the time, they complain about something.

Don’t take me wrong, but it is those complains we want.

You need to note down the things people are having trouble with.

Maybe someone bought a power bank and it is not working as he thought it would. You can note down this things and seek for a solution.

Now the trickier part comes. You have the solution and you have a Amazon niche website. So how will you deliver that to correct people. How do you even know if you’ve reached the correct people.

The answer is simple. The product company’s official Facebook page.

If you are in Company “A”s Facebook page you can share the Company “A”s power banks review that you have in your website.

One thing you will notice you can’t easily share any website’s link in any company’s official page. Because no page wants random website’s link on their page. They just delete any post sharing any links.

But when you’re sharing a link of a website that has that company’s products reviews in it, that company will get to know that you’re an affiliate and you’re promoting their products. Then they won’t delete your post.

On the other hand they will happily keep that post, so that people go through those reviews and buy their products. But obviously you have to provide high quality content in your website.

So when they will go to the reviews they will see the reviews and they will easily purchase the products. And you will get a commission.

You may ask, why doing all this in the company’s official page?

Well, you will get the traffic from the place where all your targeted people are gossiping. It’s basically putting a fishing rod in that area where all the fishes of the lake have gathered to come to you.


It will be not only a relevant link but also an effective one because you are getting all targeted traffic.

So that’s for now, tell me what you think about this strategy. Till next time, Be Awesome.


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