The Best Head Massager: NORLANYA Electric Head Massager KS-2800A (Helmet Type), Pain Relief Apparatus

Once my colleague Jennifer said, “If you have a head, you should have a headache sometimes.” But the question is, after a busy day at work when one gets home, who wants to suffer from a headache?

Most of us live a hectic life. We are living a stressful and fatigue life. It’s a challenge to live without stress and tense. Stiff neck, sore back, painful shoulders or head might not give you a chance to enjoy your evenings (sometimes even weekends) with your family.

Your Problem Has a Solution

I believe every problem comes with a solution. The best way to get rid of a headache is to go spa and have a head and neck massage. It can help you to stem such effects and live healthy over years. But it might be expensive for most of us, and therefore we have to find out another solution.

Yeah, I’ve got good news for you. Without spending substantial amounts of money you can get a similar experience. Head massagers are affordable, lightweight and have sophisticated designs that can massage the head, scalp as well as neck of men and women of all ages. They are also easy to use.


Best Massager on Market

NORLANYA Electric Head Massager KS-2800A is a head massage, head pain relief, nervous relaxing tool. It’s the best tension-relieving tool for every aching muscle of your head and neck.

It looks like a motorcycle helmet. Just put it on your head and enjoy the massage treatment while doing something, for instance, reading and writing, or doing nothing, means just sleeping or taking rest. It can help you keep away lots of your mental and physical problems; a headache, insomnia, mental stress and not sleeping well are some of them. You can also enjoy listening to different type of music, Alleviate physical and psychological, gentle environment and natural sounds, during the treatment. It would be enjoyable and help you get back your energy sooner.


NORLANYA HEAD MASSAGER has 4 different massage modes:

  1. Vibration Massage Mode.
  2. Hot Compress Massage Mode.
  3. Automatic Massage Mode. (3 different modes)
  4. Air Pressure Massage Mode. (4 different modes)

And 3 different types of music:

  1. Alleviate physical and mental.
  2. Gentle environment.
  3. Natural sounds.


What in the Box:

  1. Electric head massager 1 x
  2. USB interface connector 1 x
  3. Power Adapter (100~240V) 1 x


Your life is getting more and more stressful, and many people experience headaches and tiredness on a regular basis. To combat these problems, NORLANYA Electric Head Massager can be the problem solver, and help you relax and soothe your brain and scalp. Enjoy a relaxing massage after a long, dull day at work and feel rested and rejuvenated within minutes.


You don’t have to worry about its long lasting and quality as NORLANYA head massager is the best head massagers in the industry right now. It comes with a one-year warranty and will cover the first year of your ownership.

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