25 Mindset Strategies Chapter 5

25 Mindset Strategies

21 – Be Unique

This world works for only them who comes up with the most unique ideas. So try to be unique. Always try to think outside the box. Always keep in mind what’s working and what other people are doing. If other people are following someone then you try to create your own path, your own followers.

Google always prefer to take people in their company who thinks outside the box. Stop trying so hard to blindly follow someone. Instead do something unique. Create a unique selling point. Make something extraordinary.

If 100 people are promoting something in one way then you try to promote that product in a different way. Always try to do something which is different then others.


22 – Quit Saying Tomorrow

Don’t ever put your work for tomorrow. If you leave your work for tomorrow then you will only be deceiving yourself.

Statistics show that people who leave their work for the next morning, are always one step behind from people who don’t. Today you ditch your work, you’re decreasing your productivity. This one thing will lead you to failure. Don’t ever wait for tomorrow.


23 – Don’t Expect To Earn Quickly

If you’re learning something on net then chances are it will take some time. Most people get impatient when they don’t get any result from their work instantly. Here you can’t do that. You have to be patient.

Don’t expect to earn a lot of money at the very beginning. Take things slowly. If you work hard one day you will get success. But if you become frustrated and quit doing whatever you’re doing then you will never see the light of hope and success.


24 – Give Certain Time To Something

When you’re doing something, give that a certain time. Like if you start doing affiliate marketing then make a commitment that you will spend at least 2 years on learning affiliate marketing no matter what you make. Well, that’s just an example.

The moment you will make that commitment you will feel the urge to work properly. Now look at the worst thing that can happen.

  1. You may lose some money.
  2. You may not earn that much.

But look at the bright side, you will gain experiences. You will gain confidence. You will be sure to know a lot of things of affiliate marketing that you didn’t know before. After couple of years your knowledge and experiences will be that vast that you may end up pulling a bright future in that sector. But you have to give it time.


25 – If You Are Doing A Business

If you’re doing a business try to invest more and grow your business. Like if you own a shop and you’re making profit then it’s very good. But think how you can gain more profit by increasing the size of your shop. Maybe by having more products than now.

If your shop is making 1000 dollars per month then don’t just settle on that 1000 dollars. Invest that money and grow your business. Make your business large. Then you’re income will increase and you can have a long term business model.

Don’t fall for small. Dream for large. If you don’t dream large, you can’t make large. There’s a dialogue in the movie “The Social Network” which is my all-time favorite. The dialogue is

“A Million Dollars Isn’t Cool. You Know What’s Cool? A Billion Dollars.”



In this series I tried to share all the mindset strategies possible to achieve success in life. I personally follow this things and I am greatly benefited from these.

I’ve learnt to take mindset strategies seriously from my another mentor Rifat Ahmed. He actually first introduced couple of things from chapter 1 and i found out that applying these in day to day life comes extremely handy. So i researched a bit more and got rest of the strategies.

I hope this small things will help you in your life. If you like the things I shared drop a feedback, maybe share with your friends. I would love to hear from you. Tell me which strategies you think is the best among these 25.

If you have something to tell me you can comment that as well. Soon I will share some more things from my life, till then “Be productive, be creative and be awesome in your life.” Take care everyone.

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