25 Mindset Strategies Chapter 4

25 Mindset Strategies

16 – Fail and Rise

Most of the people are too scared to take chances. They are afraid what will happen if they fail. They are afraid what will happen if things don’t work out the way they planned.

It’s okay to feel concerned, but the level of being concerned should not be that much that it’s stopping from taking any kind of decisions. It’s OK to fail. If you don’t fail you will not see the mistakes.

But you have to bear in mind that failure is also a part of being successful. With failure you will learn to skip the mistakes that you made.

Do not see failure as a blockage. See failure as a way that didn’t work. See it as an experience. Apply what you learnt in your life. Failure is not blocking you from success. It’s actually showing you the right path of success.


17 – Embrace and Confront your fear

People have weaknesses. It’s okay if you have trouble talking to people. It’s okay if you are slow at your work. It’s even okay if you are bad at time management. Nobody is perfect.

First figure out what is the thing that’s causing you trouble. Find out what is blocking you from achieving success. Then work on that. Suppose you are having trouble with time management. Then you can set certain contest for yourself.

Like you can assign a job and limit the time 30 minutes for that. Then once you succeed in that you will have confidence that you can do anything in time. See, running from your problems won’t help you solve that. Only when you will embrace your problem, you will get the desired result.


18 – Get Some Sleep

Though it’s important to work regularly. It’s also important to take care of health. It’s not recommended that you work hours after hours without getting any sleep. Sleep is one of the most important part of our life. We spend one third of our life sleeping. It’s designed to be like that. Sleep helps us in a way that we can’t imagine. Our brain cells get recharged while we sleep.

25 Mindset Strategies

Many people think that by not sleeping they can gain success. But that’s actually wrong. That is just wrong in so many level. It’s very necessary to give rest to our body. And for that good amount of sleep is needed. With good sleep we will be able to work properly. With that our productivity level will increase.


19 – Ability To Ask

Often we are confused about something. This something can be anything. We get confused but we don’t ask for help. Many people think that asking people will show weakness. And thinking that many people avoid asking people for help. But it’s okay to seek help sometimes.

Of course you should try first to come up with a solution all by your own. But if you’re unable to do that then you can always ask people for help. It’s never something to be ashamed for. It will be the ability to seek help when it’s needed the most.


20 – Communication Skill

Communicating with people is very important. It’s very necessary to maintain communication skill. How people thinks, how people reacts – these all are very important things to know and the only way to know these things is communicating with them.

From time to time you may have new ideas. You may have new ideas for maybe some businesses. Then you have to seek public opinion for those ideas. That’s where communication skill comes handy. Whatever you do try to do some Q / A sessions with your friends, or people around.

That’s how you will get some quick feedback. Communication skill is very important to become a successful person in life.


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