25 Mindset Strategies Chapter 3

25 Mindset Strategies

11 – No Excuses

Suppose you have to do something in your company, your boss in your company wanted you to finish something. But you felt tired and you made something up. You may get rid of work temporarily but in the long run you made a loss in your life. How??? You have to make time for that work in future when you could’ve done something else if you had completed that work before without giving excuses.

Making excuses is a very bad habit. Whether you’re trying to avoid some work or you’re trying to make some leisure time, making excuses will harm you in a way that you won’t even imagine. Let’s see what you will have when you’re making excuses.

#1 No Work.

#2 People will start losing hope on you as you will show lack of professionalism.

And the person who has no work and lacks in professionalism can’t be successful in life. So say no to all kind of excuses today and start working.


12 – Work Slowly But Constantly

Most of the people get afraid or scared when they’re submitted huge work. But you can tear down the whole work and do it little every day.

Do you know how the computer works? Well when a work is given to a computer it breaks it into small pieces and do these small pieces of work and finish the whole work. You can apply these strategies in your life also.

If you’re working speed is not fast enough you don’t have to worry, you do that work slowly. It’s better to do that work slowly rather than not doing it at all.

If you do it slowly you will gain speed from time to time. We all want to reach our goal. Someone can reach it fast and someone can reach it slow. And then there’s also that type of people who don’t reach at all. So my suggestion to you is work slowly, but don’t lose hope. Work constantly, you will be succeeded.


13 – Focus On Daily Reach

You have to set up daily goal and you have to focus on that. Suppose you made a campaign of a month that you will work 4 hours per day for a month. So you have to focus on that goal. Always you have to give priority to finish that 4 hours of daily work before doing anything else.

25 Mindset Strategies

After one month when you will see that you have managed to work 4 hours for a month, you have to increase the working hours from 4 to 5. Then next month it will be 5 to 6. That’s how you can focus on your everyday goal and scale it up. If you do this for one year you can see that your working hour per day has become 10 – 12 hours and you’re handling it very well without facing any problem.


14 – Open Mindedness To New Ways of Thinking

You need to be ready to take decisions. You have to prepare yourself in a way so that you can experiment new things. There are always new ways of thinking that will come in your work life. You have to be able to experiment that.

Maybe you’re not achieving goal with your current strategy. Then change the strategy. You may get success. Or maybe you’re achieving success, then experiment with the strategy. You may achieve more success.

There’s no gain without any risk. You have to be spontaneous and make use of every possible things that may come handy to you.


15 – Willingness to Give Back

If you become successful in your life then people around you will get a new and better life if you help them. You can support your family and friends who needs your help. The moment you’re successful you can help others. With great power comes great responsibility. Well, that’s not just a line from Spider-man movie. We should actually imply that in our daily life.

25 Mindset Strategies

When you know ins and out of being successful you can actually help others to gain the same success in their life. When you will help others to earn they will learn from you. They will achieve success with your help. And that is the greatest feeling ever.

The moment you will realize that someone out there is earning with your help, that feeling is priceless. And this priceless feeling will help you work harder in your own life. It will work in your favor. You will see that in your life.

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