25 Mindset Strategies Chapter 2

25 Mindset Strategies

6 – Success Stories

Sometimes to become successful one needs to be motivated. And the best way is reading or watching other people’s success stories. When you’re hearing these success stories you will get an urge to do something in your life also.

Let me tell you a story about a man. This man applied for a job in KFC. In total 24 people applied for the job. 23 people got accepted. Everyone got accepted except that guy. He got rejected in some other fields as well. Then he thought of making a website. So he called couple of people and shared the idea. Most of them didn’t support the idea. But that man didn’t lose hope, he went with his idea. You all know the name of that man now, he’s Jack Ma. He is now one of the most inspirational person ever, but back then no one supported him. He knew he can do it. He believed in himself.

You have to believe in yourself. You can take inspirations from these stories. These stories will motivate you and you can apply that in your life.


7 – Staying Updated

You will always need to be updated. You have to be aware of every new technology that is coming out. What is the current trend is. What are the people using in their day to day life. These Things you have to know.

If you stay updated. You can get benefited. You have no idea how you can use the technology in your business. Technology is an evolution. It will keep updating itself. You have to keep pace with it. You have to know what’s happening around the world.

You have to research people’s life always. Like if something new comes up obviously there will be an interest on that. With the passage of everyday life new technologies are coming.

Suppose you are doing affiliate marketing and there’s a very good product which is new but you know it’s a promising product. If you’re updated you can work on that before anyone else and reap off the benefit from it.


8 – Do What You Really Like To Do

When you step into something or decide to step into something first make up your mind whether you really want to do that or not.

Suppose you’re interested in graphics design and one day you saw someone making good money doing programming. Then if you decide to switch up your path from graphics design to programming that will be the biggest wrong decision ever.

Don’t do something you have no interest in. If you’re good at something no matter how much time you do it you will not get tired. But when you will do something that you are not fond of then after little time you will get tired.

I can assure you whichever sector interests you most you should work in that sector, only then you will achieve true happiness in your work. You will love your work. Only then you will feel that everything is going great.


9 – Time Management

This is the most important part ever. You have to manage your time. Whatever you’re planning to do today you have to do today. You can’t leave your work for the next day.

You have to be potential. You have to use your time wisely. Whatever you’re learning apply that on your life today. Whatever you’re implying take notes of the mistakes you’re making today.

Don’t just wait for tomorrow. Make today your tomorrow. As soon as you plan to start your work you are actually going one step ahead towards your destination and success.


10 – Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure

The title says it all. Don’t be afraid of failure. If you learn something and imply that in your life you can fail at your first attempt. You can fail again and again and again. But you can’t give up. You should not give up. The moment you give up the door of opportunities will be closed for you forever.

25 Mindset Strategies

You have to find out the mistakes your making. You have to take notes about those mistakes. Then you have to try again solving those mistakes. Suppose you’re starting a business and first couple of months you lose some money. You have to figure out the reasons behind your failure. You need to solve them before anything.

We know the stories of many successful persons but we don’t see the struggle they had to go through, we don’t see the failure they had to go through. So we have to try. We will fail but we have to try. We will fall but we have to rise again. We have to rise again with a new strategy, with a new hope to conquer everything.

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