25 Mindset Strategies Chapter 1

25 Mindset Strategies

Many people run towards success. But in order to become successful you have to follow the correct path. Following some simple strategies will turn your life around.

When i first got to know about affiliate marketing, i had one mentor who helped me out a lot. I will forever remember the help i got from him. He is Rifat Ahmed. He first got me thinking about this mindset strategies. And trust me they work like crazy in my life. Then i researched a bit with my life and got some more mindset strategies.

In this series I’m going to share 25 strategies that you can apply in your daily life and shape your career the way you wanted.

1 – Comfortable Working Place

The main thing we are going to learn in this section is how to make your place comfortable enough to work properly. We are going to turn your place into something amazing. Don’t worry I won’t tell you to buy expensive stuff. I’ll just decorate your working station. Let’s Google something. Let’s just type simple home office.

Simple Home Office


Now look at all these pictures. Let’s take a look into this one. There’s just one laptop one desk. There’s nothing else here. A lot of people make their desk too clingy. They use the same desk to eat, drink, study, work. Don’t do that, never do that. Make a place where you will only work. You won’t do anything else. Only then you can work properly. You can work peacefully.

You can set a time table. Like if you like to work in the morning you can make your working time from early morning to afternoon. You can also put up a sign on your door saying “Do Not Disturb”. If you make these couple of things possible then you will see that you can engage yourself in working more then you could do before.

You have to ensure that you have a quiet environment and all the things I mentioned above have been check marked. No matter what you think you can’t get up before you have reached your everyday goal. If you make a plan of 6 hours of work at a stretch you have to complete your goal. If you work for 5 hours and got up thinking that enough work has been done for the day then you will only be deceiving yourself.


2 – Excel Your Life

Make your life a campaign. Today create an excel file and make a plan for next 7 days. Then put a work in the excel and make a status bar next to your work.

So it will work like this, you will set a campaign for yourself. You will make a set of work for next 7 days. You will try to accomplish the work. After completion you can write “Done” in the status bar. If you can’t finish the work you have to write “Failed” in the status bar. At the end of the week you can compare your statuses.


The amount of “Done” in your status bar will indicate your success and the amount of “Failed” will indicate your failure. You can also get a success / failure ratio from these results. You can also do this in large scale, maybe for a month. If you continue doing these then you will clearly get a picture how you should improve yourself. Even if you fail sometimes to complete your task you can write the reason behind your failure and work on that also.


3 – Choose Your Friends Wisely

Whenever you’re doing something online you may want to share the things with your friends or people around you. You will find two types of people.

One type will encourage you to do everything you’re doing. They will support you. They will stay beside you. They will be with you no matter how much failure you face n your journey.

And then you will meet another group of people who will criticize you. They won’t be happy to see any success that you’re making.

My advice to you is stay away from the people of second group. Because being successful is not easy. You will face many ups and downs in your journey. But if you get interrupted by people then you may get frustrated. You may not try again to achieve success. It’s the last thing you want in your entrepreneurial journey, trust me on that.

You may think being successful is hard and impossible for you if you continuously get interrupted by negative people. You just need support, but for that you have to be friends with the right people. You have to share with the right people. Because it’s these people who can motivate you. So you need to decide what you want to do and will do. Will you choose wisely?


4 – Play Mind Games

In this section I’m going to share some things that will help you train your mind. We do various things to train ourselves. But we miss out the most important thing. We don’t give enough emphasis to train our mind. Now I will share some way to train our mind.

Let’s Google “Mind games”. You will see a lot of results. To be more specific you can type Lumosity. So you may wonder what this “Lumosity” is or what these “Mind games” are. Well these are mainly games that you can play online. You will be able to play various games. It will be an everyday workshop for you. You just have to take out some times from your everyday life. Only 10 minutes will do per day.

By playing these games you will see the results yourself. It will work on your mind. It will increase your working speed, your ability to remember things, your ability to solve problems quickly. And after completion of each days exercise it will give you an update about your brain profile. You will see for yourself that you’re improving day by day.

Lumosity is just an example I gave you. There’s plenty other platform like Lumosity that you can use. By playing these games constantly you will actually be helping yourself that you can’t even imagine.


5 – Recite 1 Word

If you want to be successful then you have to start believing in yourself. You have to believe that you can be successful. You can try one thing every day. You can say “I Will Be Successful” 100 times per day. That way your brain is going to re-program the way you should think in order to become a successful person.

Take out 5 minutes from your 24 hours and say this line “I Will Be Successful”. Continue doing this for a week and you will discover a huge impact on your life. Your subconscious mind will make you believe that you can be successful. Then with this belief you will automatically do productive things in your life. You will start believing in yourself and once you do that there’s no stopping you.

You will feel superior and the things you thought you couldn’t do before will now be easy for you to do. The belief will bring a certain courage in yourself that you can’t imagine now. This may sound silly but it will be very effective in the long run.

These are first 5 mindset strategies. I will soon share the rest 20 strategies. Tell me how much you like them. Your feedback’s going to help me share more.

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